2016 Walking Stick Trail Maintenance

Special Bulletin May 16th, 2016 Walking Stick Trail Maintenance


The area commonly known as Walking Stick trail has suffered steady erosion and it is now necessary to address the trail.  The Ranch Rider Club will begin work on the trail Saturday, May 21st.  In anticipation of this work, the ranch will be closing the Walking Stick trail and the feeders from the Sheriff’s Hollow side of the creek.  There will be orange fencing, concrete barriers and signs designating the closed areas.

The Walking Stick area will be an ongoing project through summer.  The recent and last spring heavy rains have moved the gravel around and created areas that did not exist before.  We would like to dredge the creek for gravel and fix the trail.  Because of the extensive damage the Army Core of Engineers representative requested photos of the area and will make a site visit the first week of June.  We will most likely have to apply for a permit to permanently fix the area.  Although, it is clear that Mother Nature does not guarantee anything to be permanent.

We will make every attempt to open parts of it with guided areas through the orange fencing.  We are well aware that this is a very popular area.  It is not our intent to make this area a new source of ticket fine revenue, but we will be issuing tickets for offenders.

We will do our best to keep you up to date on the progress through special bulletins, 9 lines and gatehouse postings.


Mary Dickey