Cloud 9 Ranch is a Member-Owned Family Camping and ATV Resort. Cloud 9 Ranch Club uniquely brings together member-owners, people who share the appreciation for family, the outdoors, and a camping lifestyle. This family friendly atmosphere, coupled with the love of the great outdoors is what helps to make Cloud 9 Ranch a one of a kind Family Camping and ATV Resort. These mutual interests, and respect for property and others that goes with them, are the backbone to Cloud 9 Ranch success.


Cloud 9 Ranch seeks team members who are upbeat, helpful and ready to enhance  the guest experience at Cloud 9 Ranch. In interviews, this general demeanor will be something that interviewers will screen for in potential employees.


As with many employers, Cloud 9 Ranch requires that employees be drug-free. A pre-employment drug screen and periodic random tests are required.

Employment Application

Current Positions:

Cloud 9 Ranch Club, Inc is accepting applications until October 31st, 2017 for a Ranch/General Manager.