Established in 1972, Cloud 9 Ranch offers the perfect family-friendly outdoor vacation.  We are perhaps the largest and finest private family camping and ATV resort in America.  Cloud 9 Ranch is a member owned outdoor paradise and for 40 years we have been exceeding the expectations of what a camping resort should be. Cloud 9 Ranch encompasses 10 square miles (6500 acres) of scenic beauty such as hills, meadows, thick forest, waterfalls, caves and a crystal-clear stream.


As a Cloud 9 Ranch Groundskeeper, you will be responsible for the visual appeal of the Ranch.


• Mow lawns with provided equipment

• Apply pesticides, herbicides, and fungicides

• Trim tree branches and fell required trees

• Perform minor repairs and maintenance procedures on equipment

• Remove trash from publicly accessible trash cans.

• Clear debris off side-walks and outdoor amenities

• Ensure members have access to usable picnic tables



• Ability to work holiday weekends is a must!

• Ability to lift up to 50 lbs.

• Have valid Driver’s License

• Ability to effectively follow and give directions

• Have good verbal and nonverbal communication skills

• Operate chainsaw, pole-saw, 0-Turn mower

• Ability stand for extended periods of time

• Ability to complete required paperwork to report abnormalities or incidents

• Ability to drive a manual transmission vehicle with trailer