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Frequently Asked Questions


On this page, we will attempt to answer questions that frequently arise.  We understand that, at times, we will be unable to provide the answer online.  If you don’t find the answer you are looking for, please contact us.

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    • Acquiring a Cloud 9 Ranch Membership

    • 1.Do I have to schedule a tour of Cloud 9 Ranch in order to purchase a membership?

      No, but taking the time to schedule a tour at some point before or after purchasing a membership is encouraged. Our Tour Guides are not the high-pressure sales pitch type. They are mostly volunteers who have a vast amount of knowledge about where to go and what to do on Cloud 9 Ranch. We advocate that the Cloud 9 Ranch sells itself and there is no need for anyone to apply pressure on a prospective member to purchase a lifetime membership. (BACK TO TOP)  
    • 2. Can I purchase a membership from another member?

      Yes. However, the Cloud 9 Ranch Office is prohibited from assisting a Seller or Buyer except in providing the necessary and required information and documentation to the Seller wanting to transfer a membership. Cloud9 Ranch Office does not handle the transfer of any funds or guarantee the completion of a transfer procedure for either the Seller or the Buyer. Both the Seller and Buyer are required to complete the application before it can be approved and processed.  

      Upon approval of the application to transfer, a TRANSFER FEE is due and payable to Cloud 9 Ranch, together with a recording fee for deed recordation with Ozark County Recorder before completion of a membership transfer is finalized. Membership privileges of a Buyer are withheld until the transfer process is finalized. It is best to check with the Ranch Office and/or website for the current price of a new membership before contacting a member wanting to sell a membership. TRANSFER FEES are not charged when a NEW Cloud 9 Ranch membership is purchased from Cloud 9 Ranch Club, Inc.  (BACK TO TOP)

    • 3. Who determines the price of a Cloud 9 Ranch membership?

      Our Board of Directors each year sets a purchase price for a lifetime membership to Cloud 9 Ranch. From time to time, upon the recommendation of management, a sales price is requested but must be approved by the Board of Directors prior to the sale. All new memberships to Cloud 9 Ranch are handled through our Ranch Office. Please contact the Ranch Office Sales Department for current information.  (BACK TO TOP)
    • 4. Can I own more than one Cloud 9 Ranch membership?

      Yes, our By-Laws provide that any person may own up to five memberships. Annual maintenance fees and other assessments set by the board of directors apply to each membership. All accounts must be current and in good standing before a member has the privilege to stay at the Ranch under any of the membership numbers owned.  (BACK TO TOP)
    • 5. I used to be a member of Cloud 9 Ranch. Can I get another membership now?

      That depends on the status of how you terminated your previous membership. If a previous member sold a membership to another person, and that transaction was completed in accordance with the procedures and policies set by Cloud 9 Ranch, the previous member may purchase another membership to Cloud 9 Ranch. However, if a previous member relinquished a membership with a balance due at the time, that previous member is barred from use of Cloud 9 Ranch under any circumstances until such past due amounts and current fees up to the date of request for reinstatement are satisfied. Please contact the Deed Desk at Cloud 9 Ranch office to check the status of your previous account and your eligibility for a new membership or re-instatement of a terminated membership.  (BACK TO TOP)
    • 6. Who is considered an Associate on Cloud 9 Ranch membership?

      Any member who has unmarried children between the ages of 18 and 21 may declare them as an Associate on their membership as long as the child(ren) reside with at least one parent. Also, any member who is single and issued a deed solely in their name only, may declare a “significant other” as an Associate to the deed holder’s membership account. This is normally restricted to a significant other, but upon approval of management may include one other family member depending on the circumstances of the member requesting same. Associates are not considered guests or charged guest fees while on Cloud 9 Ranch. Associates may, when on the Ranch, have guests, with the understanding that the member is responsible for all actions of both their Associate and their guest(s), whether or not the member is present on the Ranch. Associate membership is not available for any membership with more than ONE person shown on their deed, unless it is a child as described above.  (BACK TO TOP)
    • 7. What are the privileges of an Associate Member on a member’s account?

      Associates, once declared and approved, are allowed access to Cloud 9 Ranch without the presence of the Member, as long as the member’s account is current and in good standing. Associates must be declared in writing at the Ranch Office and only one “significant other” Associate per year is allowed. Associate membership may be revoked at any time by a member or at the discretion of Ranch Management. If a member removes the rights of an Associate for any reason, another Associate cannot be added to that membership until January of the next year. Properly documented and approved Associates have all the rights and privileges of a member with the exception of not being allowed to vote in an election or attend an annual meeting and represent a member for any voting privileges whatsoever. All actions of an Associate are the responsibility of the sponsoring member, whether or not the member is present on the Ranch. No member holding a deed to Cloud 9 Ranch is eligible for an Associate membership on another account. Example: A husband and wife having two separate memberships (without the other spouse being listed on both deeds) are not eligible for an Associate (or guest) status on either membership.  (BACK TO TOP)
    • Directors

    • 1. Who can run for election to be on the Board of Directors?

      An election is held each year for a specific number of directors whose previous three-year term has expired. Directors may run for two consecutive three-year terms. According to our By-Laws, any member in good standing wishing to be considered for a director position must submit a resume to have their name placed on the ballot for the election of directors prior to a deadline date set each year. The date for 2012 is April 4, 2012. At the present time, the annual meeting is scheduled for the third Saturday in June of each year. For more information, contact the Ranch Office, and they will forward your call to the proper individual to answer your specific questions regarding the annual meeting and board of director elections held each year.  (BACK TO TOP)
    • 2. Do Cloud 9 Ranch Directors receive any pay?

      No. Limited mileage reimbursement to attend meetings is provided upon submission of a request form and a four day per month waiver of usage fees (if applicable) is provided. Otherwise, no director receives any pay or salary for their services. Directors are allowed to leave their campers on a campsite during the off season without being charged usage as long as it is not plugged in and unoccupied. All fees apply when director campers are occupied (accept for the four-day per month allowance above).   (BACK TO TOP)

    • Security

    • 1. I received a violation (ticket) from a Ranger on my last stay at Cloud 9 Ranch, but it didn’t show a fine. How do I pay it?

      Our Ranger staff does not assess fines. Once a violation is documented by a Ranger, it is turned over to Head of Security, who assesses the proper fine depending on the violation and circumstances leading up to the Ranger reporting same. That fine amount is entered as a charge on that particular membership account number. All guests receiving a violation are the responsibility of the member under which they are checked in as a guest. If you or a guest received a violation, please check with the gatehouse upon leaving to pay the fine. If the fine is not yet entered into our system and unpaid during the member’s stay at the ranch, those fines will be shown on a monthly statement and are due and payable before a member is allowed access to the Ranch on a return visit. As of 2012, by a unanimous vote of the Board of Directors, Management or Head of Security do not have the right to reduce or retract a fine once assessed to a member for a documented violation. All fines must be paid when charged. If a member wishes to appeal the violation and/or fine, an appeal form must be presented in writing for review and possible hearing set by the Board of Directors. If a reduction/retraction of a fine is approved, a credit will be documented on membership account. No refunds will be given unless in an extreme circumstance determined to be such by the Board of Directors at the time of their ruling. To appeal a violation/fine, an appeal form is available at the main office.  (BACK TO TOP)
    • Camping / Usage / Guests

    • 1. How many days of camping are allowed at Cloud 9 Ranch?

      A member can stay as long as they desire on Cloud 9 Ranch, as long as they are a member in good standing and their account is current. All memberships are allowed 30 free camping usage days. Upon day 31 throughout the remainder of the calendar year, a usage fee is charged.  (BACK TO TOP)
    • 2. Can several members stay in the same camper and / or occupy the same campsite at Cloud 9 Ranch?

      Yes. However, all members must check in under their membership number (no exceptions). Members can share a camper and/or campsite as long as all the membership numbers of all occupants of that pad are displayed in 3” numbers on the front of the camper/tent at a campsite. Each member’s account is assessed a day of usage toward their 30-free days. After the 30-free days are used, a membership account is charged a per-day usage fee (see current Fee Schedule for rates). No deed holder (member) is eligible to be considered as a guest (or Associate) of another member, regardless of the camping arrangement. See Associate question for the difference between an associate and a guest. (BACK TO TOP)
    • 3. Can a guest be checked in several times during a year under different membership numbers?

      A non-member is allowed a specific number of days on the Ranch per year. Each guest is required to present a valid picture I.D. and that name and the number of days for each stay is entered into our guest system. Upon payment of the applicable guest fees for that visit, the guest is allowed entry to Cloud 9 Ranch. A guest may be checked in under different membership numbers from time to time, but once that person has used their allotted number of guest day privileges, they are refused entry to Cloud 9 Ranch as a guest for the remainder of that year. Guest designations and fees are specified in the Cloud 9 Ranch Rule Book. Before bringing a guest to the Ranch, all members should be familiar with the guest fees and requirements. All members are responsible for their guest(s) and their actions while on Cloud 9 Ranch. Please check with the Gatehouse prior to your arrival with a guest if you have questions regarding their guest status.  (BACK TO TOP)
    • 4. Is a member charged to come on the Ranch during the day and not camping on a campsite?

      At the present time, a member is allowed to enter Cloud 9 Ranch for the day without being assessed a day of usage, as long as that member does not occupy a camping pad and checks out and exits via the gatehouse by 11:59 p.m. Check in at the gate is required for all members and guest(s) (guest fees and policies apply).  (BACK TO TOP)
    • 5. Can a previous member of Cloud 9 Ranch come on the Ranch as my guest?

      That depends on the status of how they terminated their previous membership. If a previous member sold his/her membership to another person, and that transaction was completed in accordance with the procedures and policies set by Cloud 9 Ranch, that previous member may enter the gates as a guest and follow the guest rules as set forth at the time. However, if a previous member relinquished a membership with a balance due at the time, that previous member is barred from use of Cloud 9 Ranch under any circumstances.  (BACK TO TOP)
    • Horseback Rides

    • 1. Can I ask for a particular horse to ride when I sign up for a trail ride?

      Our Wranglers choose specific horses each day for trail rides. They know the Cloud 9 Ranch horses and what type of rider is best suited for each horse. Depending on your riding ability, age, and size, you will be assigned to a particular horse that will best meet your needs. If you are a frequent horseback rider on the Ranch and have a favorite horse you’ve rode before, you may request it at the time you sign up for the ride. However, our Wranglers have the responsibility of choosing the horses and that particular horse may or may not be available that day.  (BACK TO TOP)
    • 2. Can I book a private ride for a group of people?

      Yes, any member can book an entire ride (maximum of 10 riders) as long as there are no other riders signed up for that particular day’s trail ride. Members are encouraged and should contact our Head Wrangler for specific needs and wishes regarding private group rides in advance to discuss the event. Extra fees may apply for items over and above the normal hour trail ride provided.  (BACK TO TOP)
    • 3. Can I bring my own horse to Cloud 9 Ranch?

      Yes, with the condition that you call our Head Wrangler in advance and reserve a stall for your horse. Limited stall space is available and proper medical documentation is required. A nominal daily fee applies and the feeding and care of your horse is your responsibility. Please call our Head Wrangler for all details involved.  (BACK TO TOP)
    • 4. What is the youngest age for a child to go on a trail ride?

      The minimum age allowed on a trail ride is 8 years of age. All children 8 through 12 are required to wear an approved helmet provided (or they may bring their own). There is no double riding allowed.  (BACK TO TOP)
    • 5. Are there different trail rides that go to different areas of the Ranch?

      Yes. Our Wranglers are constantly seeking out safe and interesting trail rides for the enjoyment of our members and guests. Several specific rides are offered throughout a season and may change from time depending on weather and terrain. All of the rides take you to several scenic areas of the Ranch and through wooded areas that cannot be seen unless on horseback. Wranglers stop along the way and talk to the riders, where questions can be answered regarding wildlife and natural resources.  (BACK TO TOP)
    • 6. What does it cost for a trail ride, how long are the rides, and do I have to have a reservation?

      Members are offered one hour trail rides for the nominal fee of $12.00. Guests of ranch members are offered the same rides for $20.00. Rides are scheduled daily during season (April through October) and reservations are required at least one hour in advance of a ride and are made at the Trading Post during their regular hours. You are encouraged to sign up as early as possible as some rides fill up quickly, especially on weekends.  (BACK TO TOP)