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When you visit Cloud 9 Ranch you will see how our Camping and ATV Resort is different. Established in 1972, Cloud 9 Ranch offers the perfect family-friendly outdoor vacation. We are perhaps the largest and finest private family camping and ATV resort in America. Cloud 9 Ranch is a member owned outdoor paradise. Cloud 9 Ranch encompasses 10 square miles (6500 acres) of scenic beauty such as hills, meadows, thick forest, waterfalls, caves and a crystal-clear stream. It’s been said that there is not enough time in the day to enjoy all Cloud 9 Ranch has to offer. Not only do we have six full-service campgrounds but we offer a truly unique experience for outdoor enthusiasts. Once you pass through our front gate, you will realize that Cloud 9 Ranch is much more than the camping family would ever expect. Cloud 9 Ranch has successfully combined the beauty of the Ozark Hills with the conveniences of resort-style amenities. Our dedicated park rangers provide constant care; looking out for your safety-All you have to do is focus on having vacation fun! For 40 years Cloud 9 Ranch has been exceeding the expectations of what a camping resort should be. While you are staying with us you can enjoy peace and quiet or exciting themed weekends. You can bring your ATV and check out the 150 mile trail system. If you choose to go beyond the man-made comforts, perhaps you will encounter some of the wild life that call Cloud 9 Ranch home as well. Cloud 9 Ranch is blessed with herds of deer, wild turkey, and the occasional sighting of a bobcat is not uncommon.

History & Heritage

This region of the Ozarks is rich in both history and heritage. Cloud 9 Ranch roots run deep in both areas. For you to fully love and appreciate the value of Cloud 9 Ranch Club Resort, you have to understand the History and Heritage of Cloud 9 Ranch. We are not your typical resort. It is guaranteed you will never find another place that compares to what Cloud 9 Ranch has to offer.

The Ozark Mountain Region was first home to the Osage, Cherokee, Shawnee, Kickapoo, Peoria, Piankeshaw, Delaware, and Chickasaw Indians. Even today, Cloud 9 Ranch members are likely to find remnants of those who first called this land home.

The evidence of the first settlers on what is now Cloud 9 Ranch, date back to the mid-1800’s. What is now called “Pioneer Cemetery” is located in Sherriff’s Hollow past the Lane Springs creek crossing.

Constructed in 1897, Valley Star School, was located between Cloud 9 Ranch Drive and Branch Road. Like most rural schools in that day, the schools one room was heated by a pot bellied stove and kerosene lanterns were used for lighting. Today, the Valley Star School stands historically restored in it’s new location across from Lonesome Pine Campground.

Another Ranch historical site is easily identified now as the “Craft House”. The Craft House was once the primary residence of Gene Bean. Gene was the first Ranch foreman back when Cloud 9 Ranch was known as Cloud Oak.

As you travel the ATV trails you are sure to stumble across one of the old homesteads that dot the property. Some of the most popular are the Wilder Springs homestead and the Lane Springs Falls homestead.